What Your Agent Won't Tell You

What Your Realtor Won’t Tell You


“I may look like I’ve been doing this a while, but I just got my license last week.”

The average agent has only been in the business 7 years and sells an average of 3 houses per year.  Couple that with the fact that the average age of a Realtor is over 50 and it’s no wonder many people list their home with someone who  appears  to be experienced, but is really just getting their feet wet.


“I only do this as a hobby.”

Since the average Realtor only does 3 sales per year, they can hardly be considered full-time.  Many home sellers get locked into a long-term listing agreement with an agent who only does this as a hobby or as a part-time interest.


“My Broker gets most of my commission check.”

Reality is that many agents operate on a split commission basis, giving 50% to their Broker after a franchise fee is deducted.  This leaves many agents with a very limited marketing budget to promote your home.


“Newspaper advertising is extremely ineffective.”

Many Brokers and agents end up spending much of their advertising budget on what is proven to be the worst form of marketing for homes…newspaper and print media.  So why do they do it?  They do it because they say you want it!


“My Broker’s office is empty most of the time.”

Real estate agents work on an independent contractor basis.  This means they set their own schedule and work how and when they want.  Because most agents sell few homes in a given year, they spend most of their time socializing or staying at home.  They only “look” busy on Facebook!


“I don’t really think I can sell your home.  I just want my sign in your yard.”

Many agents simply take a listing they don’t believe they can sell simply to have another sign in the yard.  Why?  They believe they will gain buyers or more sellers by doing so.  In the end, you are the one who ends up losing.


“I started doing real estate because my spouse said I was spending too much money shopping.”

Yes, there are actually quite a few agents out there who are in the business simply because their spouse said they were spending too much money shopping.  So they try real estate to get a little extra spending money and to stay away from the stores!


“I don’t really think I’m any better than the next agent.”

Many agents truly believe they have nothing more to offer than listing your house on the MLS.  These agents simply don’t understand the responsibility that comes with the career and therefore do not take it seriously.


“Your house smells.”

Again, many agents are not professional enough to tell you when your house smells, or any other condition that exists that will keep your home from selling.  Make sure you are working with a true professional that is willing to have these “tough” conversations.


“I’m going to stick a sign in the yard and you’ll never hear from me again.”

Sadly, this is the #1 complaint from many home sellers.  Their agent put t assign in the yard and was never heard from again.  This is simply because many agents don’t’ believe they can CAUSE a home to sell.  They think you just list it and it will sell itself.  Then if it doesn’t sell, they blame you for pricing it too high or for not keeping the house neat enough.


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