Do you ever wish your children thought of others more?  Perhaps they don't know what that looks like, so here's a challenge: Serve and Volunteer together as a family.  When you lead your family to serve together, you are actively showing them how to think of others more and yourself less.  You are saying it is a priority for us to be involved in building others up.  If most of our family time revolves around TV, vacation, or other entertainment, we may be  showing them how to serve themselves.  Make a conscious effort today to serve others together.  For ideas and other resources visit my blog at

Here are several ideas for you and your family to serve others together:

  • Visit the elderly in nursing homes (build relationships)
  • Invite one of the many international students in Bryan College Station over for dinner
  • Visit at a hospital
  • Do a community garage sale for charity
  • Prayer walk
  • Help transport others to events (especially those without a car)
  • Do a board game night at a homeless shelter (build relationships)
  • Mow the lawn for a disabled or elderly person
  • Volunteer at the food pantry
  • Serve food at a local soup kitchen
  • Look for needs everywhere and find creative ways to meet them
  • Host a backyard movie night in your neighborhood
  • Go on a mission trip together

In general, it all comes down to looking for needs and filling them together.  If you will train your children to think this way, their entire life outlook will be altered forever.  So how should you start?

  1. As parents, come up with some options for your entire family to be involved in.
  2. Discuss the options with your children and pray for God to show you where to serve and to supply all you need to do it.
  3. Go!
  4. Discuss the experience as a family and remember to build reationships and follow-up.  It's about people, not just doing something once to feel good.
  5. Thank God for allowing you to serve Him and ask him to show you the needs of those around you and how you can serve.