Many businesses have a Mission Statement to keep them focused.  This gives them a guideline for making decisions.  If it doesn't line up with their Mission Statement, they don't do it.  If it does, they may consider it further.  Why not have a Mission Statement for your family?  My challenge to you today is to sit down with your spouse and create a Mission Statement for your family.  That way, you and your spouse can clearly define your goals and expectations and can remain focused on the awesome responsibility of being parents, husbands, and wives.  For an example of a family Mission Statement, visit my blog at

Our Family Mission is to develop and equip our children to become Christ centered in their thoughts & actions, and to discover & fulfill the mission they have been called to.

This Mission is focused on raising you children only.  Remember, you may need a separate Mission for your marriage and your relationship with God.  You don't want to focus all you attention together on your children and neglect your marriage or God!