A few weeks ago, we talked about God's word and it's truth.  Well, what better way to know God's heart and what is true than daily scripture reading.  That's the focus this week.  If you haven't been reading your Bible lately, pick it up, dust it off, and start fresh.  With today's technology, you can even read on your favorite device and easily walk through a daily plan of reading through the whole Bible in a year.  Don't get caught up in reading just to read, though.  Remember, the point is to gain a better understanding of the God we serve and his plan for us.

Here are some resources for simple daily scripture reading plans:

https://www.youversion.com/ - Get the App and use one of the daily scripture plans.  I did this one and found it helped me stay on track or even get ahead if desired.

https://www.biblegateway.com/reading-plans/?version=NIV - This site has some good options as well.

Both of the above resources allow you to read through the Bible as written or in a chronilogical manner.  Just remember, it takes being consistent for 3 weeks to create a habit, whether good or bad!